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Minimum resale price & Internet policy

Unilateral minimum price policy

In order to protect our high standards and to ensure our selected dealers maintain profitability, Easy Sanitary Solutions BV (dba Easy Drain USA) have adopted a Unilateral Minimum Price Policy, with immediate effect, that will be strictly and uniformly enforced. Therefore our products shall not be advertised quoted or sold for more than 25% off the suggested prices listed in current price books and all sales of Easy Drain products will be subject to this Policy, except for those items authorized by Easy Sanitary Solutions BV Sales Management.

Dealers remain free to establish their own resale prices for all Easy Drain products. However ESS BV will, without assuming any liability, cancel all orders and will indefinitely refuse to accept any new orders from any dealer immediately following our verification of the infringement of this policy.

This Policy does not apply to Easy Drain products which fall under the following categories: contract sales, volume, sales, display samples, discontinued products, damaged or used items. Other cases which may be considered a violation in part have to be authorized in writing by ESS BV.

In the event a dealer violates this policy, ESS BV will take the following actions:

Internet policy

In order to protect our high standards for quality and reputation, Easy Sanitary Solutions BV (dba Easy Drain USA) has decided that a greater degree of control over the distribution of its products is necessary. As such, our products shall only be made available through our network of selected dealers/ partners. We understand the dynamics and benefits the Internet offers in terms of communication, advertisement and promotion. Nonetheless, we cannot afford to undermine our commitment for excellence and tarnish our brand name by means of certain practices related to e-commerce.

The nature of our products and the requested level of service go hand in hand and cannot be guaranteed through e-commerce. Therefore we have adopted the following: dealers (direct and indirect) shall not sell any Easy Drain products on the Internet; dealers shall not sell Easy Drain products to other persons, companies, and/or organizations that may resell such products on Internet: and it is strictly forbidden to indicate, post, advertise, print Easy Drain product prices online and/or by means of any other media (for ex. radio, television, print, etc.).
In the event a dealer violates this policy, ESS BV will take the following actions:

The MRPP and INTERNET POLICY may be modified at any time by ESS BV. We highly recommend you verify that all necessary individuals within your organization have received a copy of this document.

Each dealer of Easy Drain products is free to independently decide whether or not to follow these Policies. ESS BV will not discuss any conditions of acceptance related to these Policies as they are non-negotiable and will not be altered for any dealer. In addition, ESS BV does not ask for, nor will it accept, any assurance of compliance with these Policies. Nothing in these Policies shall constitute an agreement between ESS BV and any dealer that will comply with these Policies. ESS BV sales employees have no authority to modify or grant exceptions to these Policies.

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