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Other Technologies

Grate removal tool

Easy Drain shower drains are supplied with a Grate Removal Tool to easily remove the grate for cleaning and maintaining your shower drain.

Height adjustable feet

Easy Drain shower drains are supplied with adjustable legs for easy height adjustment and levelling as well as fixing the build-in set during installation. Our Wall models come with a special mounting kit for easy application against the wall.

Complete sets

ESS products are supplied as complete set that only consists of a few parts which enable a quick and easy installation. By using our crystal clear installation- advice and videos, assembling an Easy Drain is only a matter of seconds!

Wet Area Sealing System

SAM is a revolutionary new system based on elastic foam technology.The self-adhesive waterproofing membrane can be glued directly to wall and floor surfaces without using additional liquid sealing material. The top side is fleece-coated with an anti-bacterially film and offers an ideal base surface for every type of tile glue

Uniform Plumbing Code

Easy Drain shower drains are certified according to the Uniform Plumbing Code and provide safe and sanitary plumbing systems using the latest technologies and innovations. The UPC is compatible with all model building codes.

Made in Europe – Quality

Quality is and remains for ESS the highest priority. For our high-quality products, the best materials are used, for example first rate stainless steel. Easy Drain is a Dutch quality product and with our German production facility, we guarantee the best possible quality

Height adjustable grate

Easy Drain shower drains have a height adjustable grate that can be adapted to any tile thickness.

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