Barrier-free bathrooms and floors in healthcare facilities

Barrier-free bathrooms and floors in healthcare facilities

The focus on architectural designs of the healthcare industry, for instance, a hospital or a rehabilitation center lies on the patients and staff members. An important aspect is to create a healthy and nurturing environment. A healthy environment facilitates the healing process of patients and creates a pleasant work ambience for employees.

Floors in healthcare facilities

A floor in a hospital has a lot to endure. Chemical loads, pedestrians, rolling traffic and the moving of chairs and tables. The floor in healthcare facilities is generally a linoleum floor, vinyl, plastic cast floor, PVC or rubber. These floor types are seamless, elastic and liquid-tight. Due to its anti-slip character, these floor types have an additional advantage during showering; patients are assured of extra grip and are less likely to fall in the bathroom.

In this article we discuss several floor types and bathrooms that can improve the recovery of patients. When health design elements are integrated inside the building to create a positive effect on the patients’ well-being’ we speak of a ‘healing environment’.


Barrier-free bathrooms and floors in healthcare facilities

Several factors play a role in creating a well-designed healing environment. Fresh air, daylight, plants, tranquility and spatial rooms with comfortable bathrooms results in less stress and a quicker healing process. A comfortable bathroom includes a barrier-free walk-in shower that is safe.

A barrier-free bathroom in health care facilities

Bathrooms inside health care facilities need to be wheelchair friendly and easily accessible for patients. This means that all obstacles ought to be removed. A barrier-free installation offers many advantages like easy cleaning, no threshold, fewer risks of getting infections and a time-saving installation thanks to a one-sided slope of the floor.

Cast flooring

A seamless cast floor is suitable for any health care facility due to its endurance and 100% liquid tightness. This type of flooring is usually extended into the bathroom and shower area. It is recommended to use an Easy Drain Compact TAF Low with cast flooring. This type of shower drain is equipped with a reduced TAF frame for application into flooring ranging from 3 to 13 mm.

Vinyl flooring

The Easy Drain Vinyl drain is suitable for any vinyl flooring. This type of shower drain is specially designed for vinyl flooring. The vinyl can easily be clamped between the grill and the built-in part for a complete and watertight installation.

Plug-and-play shower board

When looking for a complete drainage solution with a drain and a sloped shower board, Easy Drain offers the Easy Board series. This plug-and-play solution offers an easy, time-saving installation and simple waterproofing thanks to the SAM (self-Adhesive Membrane) sets. These sets can be used to seal the shower area or, if needed, the entire bathroom. As a bonus, Easy Boards have a 10-year warranty on water tightness of the wet area.



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