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We believe in a barrier-free world, a place of no restrictions. Our Easy Drain linear shower drain is the culmination of that dream. There is an Easy Drain linear shower drain for every type of bathroom project, you can find it here

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The most important steps

Choose location & size

Choose location & size

You can place your linear shower drain against the wall or free-in-the-floor. We recommend a wall installation that has one-sided sloping, meaning; less tile cutting, clean lines and high drainage capacity.

Determine type of flooring

Determine type of flooring

There are specific models for different types of flooring. Also, keep in mind that in a renovation project you might need a drain with low installation depth.

Pick your grate finish

Pick your grate finish

Find the grate that matches your bathroom's design best. You can choose from a wide range of materials and designs.

Why choose a linear drain?

Create the bathroom of your dreams

Unlike a traditional shower drain, which requires a four-sided slope and is only applicable if you have small tiles, a linear shower drain, if placed against the wall only needs a one-sided slope and can be used with large format tiles. Thanks to the invention of the linear shower drain, you have maximum freedom in designing your barrier free bathroom. A drainage system can be installed in different ways – find out what the best linear shower drain is for your project.

Benefits of linear shower drain

Appearance – Linear drains have a sleek and slim appearance, a subtle eye-catcher that fits in a large variety of shower floors.

Maintenance – Linear drains offer easy maintenance and efficient water drainage. Who doesn’t love an easy-to-clean shower drain?

Flexibility – Linear drains can be placed almost anywhere in your barrier-free bathroom. Giving you the flexibility to create the perfect bathroom layout.  

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Future-proof bathroom for generations

Compared to traditional shower trays and drains, linear drains are far safer as they remove obstacles. A barrier-free walk-in shower is at the same level as the bathroom floor. This creates a creates a wheelchair- and senior friendly bathroom that can be enjoyed for many generations. 

Create more space

You easily create more space in the bathroom by removing all thresholds and let your bathroom floor tiles continue into the shower. Barrier-free showering starts with a linear shower drain.

How-to create a safe bathroom

Why choose an Easy Drain?

Suitable for any bathroom project – We offer a wide range of Easy Drain linear shower drains that are suitable for any type of bathroom and installation situation, whether it’s renovation or new build.

Lengths up to 78 3/4″ – Easy Drain linear shower drains are available in lengths up to 78 3/4″ mm and are equipped with our patented technologies.

Low maintenance and easy-to-clean – All our drains are made of high-quality stainless steel and therefore require little maintenance. Our drains are easy to clean thanks to the easy removable siphon and hair catcher.

10-year warranty – We believe in our high-quality shower drains. That’s why we offer you a 10-year warranty on all of our products.

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Easy installation

Easy Drain shower drains are supplied as a complete set and have just a few parts which enables a quick and easy installation. By using our comprehensive installation manuals and videos, assembling an Easy Drain is completed in a matter of seconds.

Easy waterproofing

Whether it’s a renovation or new construction project, waterproofing is necessary for any type of bathroom or wet area. With our Easy Seal sets, we offer a guaranteed safe and 100% watertight waterproofing system, in combination with one of our Easy Drains. As a result, leaking of faulty installation due to unfavorable conditions is eliminated.

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