Find the right type of shower drain for your bathroom floor

Find the right type of shower drain for your bathroom floor

A bathroom is a place of comfort, but to make sure it is comfortable enough, it needs to fulfill some criteria. The right type of bathroom floor can have a definite impact on fulfilling the right criteria. With almost endless possibilities you will have to determine which floor you prefer most and think of a suitable shower drain to fit with it. Some shower drains match your requirements better than others.

Are your creating a unique bathroom floor atmosphere with (glass) mosaic, cast floor or ceramic tiles? In this article, we will tell you all about the drainage possibilities with different types of bathroom flooring and how to find the right type of shower drain for your bathroom floor.

Cast Floor

The synthetic cast floor, also known as polyurethane (PU), is a type of floor that fits seamlessly and is 100% water resistant. They come in various color options and can even be printed with a unique design. Thanks to the rather elastic material, the floor itself feels smooth, requires low maintenance and can be combined with floor heating.

Shower drains for cast floors
When using cast flooring, we advise you to make use of the Easy Drain Modulo TAF Low This linear shower drain is equipped with a low TAF frame, especially for thin floors from 3 up to 13 mm.

Mosaic Floor

Create your own piece of art by making use of mosaic tiles. These timeless tiles look perfect in any bathroom. In addition, mosaic tiles have the advantage that they can be used for both the floor and the wall. There are many different kinds of mosaic, each with their own characteristics. These types of mosaic tiles are most frequently used in bathrooms: glass mosaic, ceramic mosaic and natural stone mosaic.

Shower drains for a mosaic floor
If you choose ceramic mosaic tiles or natural stone mosaic tiles we suggest our Easy Drain Compact, Nano or S-line. Mosaic tiles slightly vary in thickness, that’s why we encourage you to ask your tiler for further details regarding the right type of shower drain.

Natural Stone Floor

A natural stone floor provides every bathroom with a luxurious look. There are several kinds of natural stone such as granite, quartzite, slate, travertine, limestone and marble. When installing a shower drain in a natural stone floor, you should always pay attention to which shower drain models suit best, as well as the different design options. It is possible, for example, to order a linear shower drain with or without a frame.

Shower drains for natural stone
For appliance of natural stone in a bathroom, we suggest our (frameless) Modulo Stone, S-line high or Modulo TAF shower drain with a high frame.

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are most common in modern bathrooms. These tiles are easy to clean and available in different colors, tints, patterns and formats. Ceramic tiles are created out of clay and sand and are baked at temperatures over 1000 °C. Ceramic tiles can be used on floors as well as walls and due to their characteristics they are also sustainable. There is a large scale of different tiles to choose from.

Shower drains for ceramic tiles  
The most popular tile is the ceramic one and almost any type of shower drain is suitable for this type of bathroom floor. Click here for an overview of our shower drains.

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