Advantages of a walk in shower

Advantages of a walk in shower

Walk-in or barrier-free showers are growing in popularity and more frequently used in the modern bathroom. These popular showers are mostly installed in combination with a linear shower drain, which offers several benefits like easy cleaning, use of large format tiles and one way sloping towards the drain.

The use of a linear shower drain in a barrier free shower  offers a lot of advantages. A walk in shower offers more design possibilities thanks the use of large tiles. Also cleaning and a timesaving installation due to a one-sided slope are another benefit.

Time-saving installation

Traditional shower drains are placed in the center of the shower and sloped in four directions towards the drain. Creating this four-sided slope is considerably more time-consuming and can only be done with small floor tiles. In comparison, linear shower drains only require a single slope to work properly, this is easier to construct and takes less effort to clean.

More comfort, more design

Design is without a doubt the most important aspect when building or renovating the bathroom area. Nowadays everyone wants a bathroom where they can relax and enjoy showering. Walk-in showers fit perfectly fit in this trend. You can easily create more space in the bathroom by removing all thresholds and let your bathroom floor tile reach into the shower. Barrier-free showering starts with Easy Drain.

Showering without obstacles

The walk-in shower completely eliminates the need to step in and out of a bathtub or shower base, there are no barriers or thresholds. Once, a walk-in shower was considered only as a convenience for those with mobility problems, children or the elderly. Now, a walk-in shower is a fantastic and future-proof addition to any bathroom.

Low maintenance

A classic shower, like the traditional shower cabin and base, has hard to clean parts and corners where dirt or mold can easily settle. A walk-in shower has opposite characteristics. These spacious showers often have a minimalist design with few places where water and dirt can settle. When installed correctly, a walk-in shower with linear shower drain will drain the water more quickly and efficiently, which means less cleaning and more enjoying!

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