Water Protection System (WPS)

Water Protection System (WPS)

Easy Drain's innovative Water Protection System (WPS) provides an easy-to-install and safe-to-assemble sealing system for linear shower- and floor drains. This WPS-system consists of a flexible waterproofing membrane which is connected to the linear drain’s stainless steel flanges or the floor drain’s special cuff. This way, leaking as a result of faulty installation due to unfavorable conditions is eliminated.

Perfect waterproof connection

WPS forms the perfect waterproof connection between a drain and its surrounding floor when using rapid-drying flexible sealing compound. Unique to this system is that the waterproofing system is pre-assembled in a controlled manufacturing environment, therefore preventing assembling mistakes or adhesive problems caused by working unclean construction site.

  • Guarantees a 100% watertight installation
  • 10-year warranty with our Wet Area Sealing Set
  • Factory assembled sealing membrane
  • EU standard for wet area construction: ETAG-022
Factory assembled sealing membrane

Preferred by professionals worldwide

Easy Drain’s WPS-system is developed with over more than 14 years of experience in the sanitary industry and is preferred by professional installers and tilers worldwide. This shows once again, that the easy and safe solutions of ESS are a milestone in shower drainage design and development.

100% watertight

ETAG-022 certified

By using our special sealing cuffs (WPS-system), we guarantee an absolute watertight installation of our Easy Drain shower drains and floor drains. The patented WPS-system is tested and approved in accordance with the European standard for wet area construction: ETAG-022.

European standard

Shower drain waterproofing

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